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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party

Hello again! 

Thanks for the picture of the Christmas tree. I was going to ask you for one anyways, so you read my mind! Grandma mentioned your "Ugly Sweater" contest in her last letter to me. She confided in me that she wasn't really sure what an "Ugly Sweater" contest was, but that her and Grandpa went to the D.I and found some sweaters to decorate. You should definetly take some pictures of everyone and send them to me! It should be pretty funny. What else are you doing for the family party? Let me know in your next DearElder. Also, Grandma asked me a question in her last letter about how we teach our lessons to the "investegators." She was assuming that we taught in English. NOT at all. I don't think we've been allowed to teach a single lesson in English so far! Last night, we had TRC which is where BYU students come and we teach them as the members they really are. We were lucky enough to get a student that was actually Filipino, which was really cool. He spoke very fast and it was hard to understand him at times but still a good experience. After the lesson, he also told us more about the country and gave us a few pointers. That's all I can think of for now! I hope everyone has a great time at the party, and I look forward to hearing from everyone SOON! =)
If anyone asks what to send me for Christmas just tell them that I want cards and letters. That's all I need. You're right about all the food. First of all, they feed us plenty here... secondly, all of us have more sweets than we know what to do with. We try to share with eachother but none of us are ever hungry! Please let Grandma know that I did recieve her package she sent a few days ago. She was wondering how it worked.

In other news, earlier this week I left my hoodie in the gym. I went back later to get it from the Lost and Found but it wasn't there. Someone must have taken it. Hopefully they needed it more than me! Anyways, I am now without a jacket to wear and it's getting a little chilly here! So, if you get around to it, could you send me one of my hoodies or jackets? You could send it through MTCdelivery if you hurry. The mailroom will stop accepting mail from third parties on Dec. 23rd!

I better be going for now, but I hope everyone is doing well. Like usual, I'll be back on later this afternoon around 4 so be expecting that. Feel free to send me any questions or anything for me to answer at that time! 
Mahal Kayo! (I love you all)

-Elder Garett Smith

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