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Monday, November 21, 2011

First Letter

I feel like the last few days have been an information overload, especially with all the time we have spent studying Tagalog. They have a new program that has only been in effect since June. Yesterday, on only our second full day, we had to teach an "Investegator" in Tagalog. It was a very real situation and my companion and I were pretty stressed about it. All we have learned so far is how to bear a simple testimony and give a simple prayer. So... that's pretty much all we did. We tried to discuss his family and talk about The Fall, but we had to idea how to respond to what he said to us. It's so frustrating becase I want to know what he is saying and I want to communicate so badly. For once, I have to actually think about what I am saying. Most of the time I get it wrong, but I am learning. We have another appointment with Niko (our investegator) this afternoon. It's probably going to be just as rough as the first time, but I guess it's a good experience. It gives me more motivation to learn the language. I think that's what they're aiming for. Well, it's working!! My companion is smart and learns the language fast so he helps me out a lot. The other Elders we share a room with have been here for about 7 weeks so they are able to help and give us advice as well. Our teacher doesn't speak to us in English at all. It's been Tagalog from day one. It's kinda like a guessing game trying to understand what he is trying to teach us. Although I still don't know very much, I am suprised by how much I have already learned. A lot more than I thought I would! Anyways, things are going well here at the MTC.

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