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Monday, November 21, 2011

One week down

Time is a really weird thing here at the MTC. Day's start meshing together
and it's hard to remember what happened when. It's all a blur. I know it's
only been a little over a week since I got here but it feels like I've been
here forever. The language is progressivly, but slowly, getting better.
Yesterday we leaned abuout a thing called MAG verbs, which just added to
the confusion of everything, but it will hopefully all work out for the
We went to the Temple this morning which was great, although it was a
little weird going without you and Dad since you've been there bothe times
before. It was a neat experience with my district though, and the Temple
Cafateria food is to die for. It's nice to have something fresh and out of
the ordinary once and a while. We loaded up, so I'll be skiping lunch
today. My companion, Elder Johnson, is alright. He has a dry sense of humor
and isn't very outgoing, but I'll manage. He's from Kansas, and you can
tell.  But all in all, he's a good person, and smart with
the language. He really helps when we are teaching our Investegator Niko in
Tagalog. It's basically all a simulation, but it's great practice. Our last
lesson, we invited Niko to be baptized. He was reluctant because of his
Smoking habits but we promied he could do it with our help and with God. He
accepted the commitment and I was suprised by how excited I was for him!
It's a reallty great learning experience. =)
Mahal ko Kayo! (I love You)
Elder Garett Smith

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