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Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Kumusta Nanay!
Thanksgiving was a lot better than I thought it would be. The morning started off with a devotional by Elder Russell M. Nelson, which was great. Did you know that he remarried after his wife died? I didn't. I wonder how it would be to date as an Apostle... Also, I learned that Elder Nelson was President Kimball's doctor before he was called as an apostle. Interesting fact. Anyways, he and his wife talked to us about Gratitude and Thanksgiving and the spirit was so strong. We sat pretty close and it was great. Oh, and the day before, we had the chance to hear from Elder Christofferson as well. Two Apostles in two days. I guess being at the MTC is a blessing. We had our "Thanksgiving Feast" for lunch so that the workers could go home to their families for the evening. It wasn't the greatest food ever, but Thanksgiving has never really been about the food for me anyways. The Pumpkin Pie was great though! I had two slices. After our feast, we put together sack dinners to eat back at our Residence halls. We then had another fireside with the MTC President. After that, we participated in a service project where we put together humanitarian packages to be sent to Somalia. My job was to pass empty boxes along a "Human conveyor belt" towards the supply tables. It wasn't difficult and we finished pretty quickly. We then had dinner in our rooms, and we all thought about what our families were doing at the moment. I guessed that you all would probably be in a movie or eating Pie. Later on, we returned to the gym for a movie. We watched "17 Miracles" which was just as good as the last time I watched it. It was nice to have time to relax!

It's only been about three weeks but it feels like I've been here for an eternity. The language is still difficult, but I'm adjusting to it finally. I'll try to recorded myself saying some things in Tagalog for you. I don't know if I ever told you, but our "investigator" Niko turned out to be our second teacher for class. I didn't think he was a real investigator, but we were shocked to learn he was our teacher. It was a weird transition, but Brother Pearce is a pretty cool teacher now. 

Well, I better be going now. I'm basically out of time! I look forward to reading more letters from all of you... and more packages.=)

Miss ya, but I'm doing well.
Mahal ko Kayo!

Elder G. Smith

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