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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Let me just tell you in a mother words what a crazy day I had with Garetts departure! 
It all starte with receiving a short email at 12:00 (noon) from Garett saying his wallet was gone.  No drivers  license, no credit or debit cards, no cash.  He was leaving the MTC  on shuttle to airport at 1:30.  He said in his email, "I don't want you to worry just wanted you to know so you know what's going on.  If there is anything you can do I could use some help, I've said several prayers, please add your prayers to mine".   Don't worry????  I immediately stressed out.  How can he travel with all the lay overs  and transfers with no money for food or incidentals.  After a sincere  prayer I started making some phone calls.  Thankfully I work at our financial institution...I knew it would take a miracle to get new  cards for him in less than an hour, but with the Lords help and some  connections I was able to get new cards for him in about an hour.  was in touch with the MTC and was given permission to meet my son at  the airport to deliver new cards and some cash.  I was an emotional  wreck to say the least.  Thankfully I live only about an hour away> from the Salt Lake City airport so I picked up his new cards and  started my drive.  When I was about 15 miles from the airport I was on  a two lane road behind a large tow truck when it began swerving out of control in front of me, I had to slam on my breaks and swerve to miss it.  The truck had a blow out and rubber was flying everywhere while he  tried to gain control of his truck.  I somehow got out of his way and  none of the debris hit my car, it flew over my car and then little pieces flew all around me but no damage to my car, but my heart was in my throat and I was  shaking like a leaf.  When I arrived at the airport I was able to calm  down a bit.  I arrived about the same time the missionaries did.  What  a sight to see a big bus pull up and all these young men and women get  off.  I just sat there and smiled at the sight.  Soon I could see my  son...I had mixed emotions, I wanted to see him but didn't want to > make it hard on him or myself.  I said another prayer and then walked  right up to him.  The MTC branch president had thankfully gotten in  touch with him on the bus and he knew to expect me.  I didn't know if  I could hug him or not so I just stood there.  He set his bags down and gave me a big hug.  Oh how sweet it was!  He was so grown up all ready.  I took out my wallet and gave him the  cash I had for him and then the cards.  He just starred at the cards.   He couldn't believe that I was able to get new ones for him.  He said  it was an answer to prayer.  I had to agree.  He gave me another big hug and just squeezed me and thanked me again, then we began walking to the check in.  I didn't want it to look like I  just ambushed my son at the airport so I told him to call when he got  through security and we parted.  I headed up the escalators before I dared look back, when I did the whole group of them were waving at me, I waved back and blew them all a kiss and received tons of kisses back.   I wanted to just take the escalators right back down but knew it would  be better to just continue back to my car. 
I thought it would be really hard to see him and then leave again but it wasnt.  It was a  bitter sweet blessing seeing him, and an opportunity I will treasure.  I got a call from him about an hour later and again when he was in San Francisco waiting to fly to  Hong Kong.  We all got to talk to him and hear all kinds of stories.   It turned out to be an amazing day and a tender mercy from the Lord.   I think I aged 20 years today but in the end it was worth it.  Now I  can't wait to hear that he has arrived safely and all is well.
Shawn still teases me the Garett and I plotted the whole thing so I could see him off.  Not true!  But I was able to see how easy it would be to just happen to show up at the airport when they leave....hmmm I still have 2 more sons to serve......

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