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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Travels

Hey Nanay!

They suggested we send out e-mails today in between our Infield Orientations so that is what I am now doing. We have an entire P-day tomorrow as well so I might be able to get on then. So, yeah. We had our "Infield Orientation" today... we still have one more session to go. It's basically a lot of workshops where they talk about specific things not taught in our classroom instruction. The classroom was focused on learning how to teach. So in these workshops they focused on the Importance of Baptism, how to set goals and then make plans according to those goals, and the importance of our own faith in helping the investigators. The last session will be after this dinner time, but I'm not sure what the topic will be. They showed us a lot of object lessons that really helped get the messages across, so it's been pretty fun! I've seen Sister Gullo a lot recently. She kept telling me to sit by her at the Devotionals but my district or comp never wanted to. Eventually I was able to sit by her this last Tuesday. She told me about her mission and I told her about mine. I asked about her parents and she told me all about how they came to the MTC. She also told me that the MTC President got her father to commit to investigating the Church. I thought that was pretty neat. She was really excited about it. I saw her again today, and her and her companions sat by us during one of the Orientation sessions. She seems very happy and eager to get out there. We share that excitement. I told her it's a good thing I'm not going where she's going because I would die in the cold. My Heavenly Father knows me well. Speaking about that... so last night, wait... let me back up. On Wednesday we got two new Elders in our room. FINALLY! However, they are going to the Madrid, Spain mission. They'll be here 3 weeks and then there 3 weeks if there Visa's come in time. They're pretty friendly and have made our room less quiet. I'm fine with this. One is from Ohio and the other is from central Utah. Ok, so last night, there Zone leaders pulled my companion and I out into the hall to ask for a favor. I guess that an Elder from their zone was without a companion (because he's international and hasn't gotten to the states yet) so they stuck this solo Elder with the two that share a room with us. Because of this, there Branch President wants them to all sleep in the same room... so they asked us if Elder Johnson and I wouldn't mind moving into their room down the hall for these last few days. My first thought was "Why can't they just wait 3 more days. We'll be gone by then..." but then I realized that it wasn't about me. I later found out that this Solo elder was also a recent convert, so that may also be a reason for the Branch President's decision. Also, I suppose this is God's friendly push for me to start packing up. You know how I like to leave my packing to the last minute! So, that is what I am now in the process of doing. I've packed most of my things, and we'll be moving down the hallway later tonight. 

Mahal kita! I'll try to write a little something more tomorrow.
Elder Garett Smith, anak ninyo. =)

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