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Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 2 in the Philippines

Thanks for all of your support, I don't have time to respond to everyone individually right now but I am grateful for the e-mails. Things are getting better as time goes by. I'm learning to adjust to the difficult situations. I have so much to say but again feel like I don't have enough time and also I feel like I lack the words to express myself. Perhaps that's just something I've started to feel because of the language barrier here. Anyway, I feel bad for not commenting on your finger from last week. It looks very painful and I hope that it is able to heal alright. We managed to clean up our apartment a little more this week just in time for Cleaning Checks from the Senior Couple. They were really surprised with how clean it was compared to the other times they had been there... I just told them I couldn't live in a messy place. We also got some permethrin from Sister Martino and you can bet that I sprayed it everywhere. I know it's working because I'll wake up and find dead cockroaches and lizards around the house. I'd rather them dead than alive. I talked to President about our messy apartment and he said that President Tae (The Area President) would be coming in a few weeks and was going to tour some missionary homes--including ours. He expects it to be spotless, which is fine with me. It's difficult trying to get the others to help though without sounding bossy, but I'm really trying. We've made big improvements so I can't complain. The Filippino's don't focus on time the same as we do so it's hard to stress the value in scheduling things right and being where we need to be when we need to be. It's not uncommon to be out still past 9:30 or for them to sleep in. We haven't been able to teach a lot this last week because we were in a Tripanionship from an emergency transfer and so we worked in the Zone leader's area most of the time. We had a baptism for two of their investigators on Saturday, but our area really seems to be lacking. 

The Language is still difficult. This week was especially tough since we were in a tripanionship most of the time with one of the Zone leaders we live with as well as one of the Prospective missionaries in the ward, Brother Edmar. The reason why this is tough is because they just start talking to eachother at full speed and seem to forget that I'm still there. It made me feel a little left out and I couldn't keep up. I get headaches trying to understand everything and usually just keep quiet for the most part. My companion and I can't communicate very well and so it's hard for me to explain things to him. There is also somewhat of an obedience problem in our house... which is difficult since I live with the District Leader and Zone Leaders. Oh well.
Yesterday we had dinner at the same member's home that we ate at last week. She served us fried fish that was still intact head, scales, and bones. Luckily there were 4 other missionaries there so I let them eat it and said I had a bad reaction to fish. They also had sardines and other things.... I stuck to rice, some type of meat like Spam, and coke. All the meat we eat is usually cold when we eat it... rice is usually the only warm thing, but I appreciate all of the effort on the members part. They really are trying to help me feel at home. 

Again, thanks for all the support. Give my love to everyone!
Thanks for all the prayers, I love you.

Elder Smith

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